MADRID 11th Sep 2013

For whatever reason, I haven´t been in my house much lately. Soon I´ll be back to my cooking. Don´t you feel that when you have many priorities to juggle, when you have too much stuff going on you seem to work and do things much much better than when you don´t have anything else but rest and relax?, well at least much more organised. I´m sure that as soon as I go back to my daily routine things will be much better.

Oh but I didn´t want to talk about this today. I wanted to let you know that last week, we attended 2ndskinco catwalk in Madrid and was unbelievable. The name of the collection is "Sparkling" and believe me, it suits all the outfits perfectly. When we woke up and saw how much it was raining, we had to buy some flats and umbrellas to go to the catwalk. Nobody could imagine it could rain so much in Madrid...well..actually it was pouring rain. I managed to put on my stilettos inside an elevator before the catwalk!!.

When you attend to these sort of events, you always have to wait....we were sat in a privileged place, from where we could see all the celebrities. On our chairs, the invitation with a piece of the material used attached to it. This was something really cool!

It was loaded. The material and the dresses are beautiful. 

Some of the dresses were simply beautiful because the materials were rich and gorgeous.

Do you want to see some more?. There you go, the catwalk´s video.

They did it again!.

We had a great time when it was over.

And waited for them to finish their interviews and pictures.

CONGRATULATIONS!, a gorgeous collection. My mom and my sister also had a blast. We were with Teo and Paola, from Angel Schlesser and friends or us!.

To be continued!